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Dema DROBEC 16 blue, 16 BLUE, 2022

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Dema DROBEC 16 blue, 16 BLUE, 2022

Original Price
219 €
Price (incl. tax)
179 €
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Beautiful boy's children's bicycle from Slovak brand DEMA

Rám: Drobec 16 Hi-Ten
Vidlica: DEMA Drobec 16" Hi-Ten
Kľuky: EXTEND SINGLE 102mm 32z
Stredové zloženie: Feimin FP-B902
Reťaz: KMC Z410
Hlavové zloženie: XR-I2 STEEL
Predstavec: EXTEND Performance 22,2 x 40mm
Riadidlá: EXTEND High Riser 500mm
Gripy: KRATON 115mm
Sedlovka: EXTEND Performance ST-200, 25.4x250mm
Náboje: SF-HB-29F3 (P) / VELOSTEEL Torpedo single speed (Z)
Ráfiky: ACE-6N-C 305x20mm
Plášte: EXTEND 16x1,75"
Pedále: EXTEND FP-622
Prevody: 1
Hmotnosť: 10 kg

Size chart

The sizes shown are our recommendations. These are approximate values as Specialized, CTM and GHOST each have specific frame geometries. The size of the bike's wheels also matters, so if in doubt about which size to choose, feel free to use our online chat or contact us on our helpline +421 947 974 140 .

Kids Bikes

wheel age height
12 2-4y to 110 cm
16 4-5y 110- 120 cm
20 5-8y 120-135 cm
24 8-11y 135-145 cm

for Adults: wheel sizes 26, 28, 27,5 a 29

size height
XXS to 155 cm
XS to 163 cm
S to 170 cm
M to 178 cm
L to 185 cm
XL to 193 cm
XXL above 193 cm
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