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Capriolo Oxygen 29" - L, 29 black/grey/white, 2023

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Capriolo Oxygen 29" - L, 29 black/grey/white, 2023

Original Price
369 €
Price (incl. tax)
252 €
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The Capriolo Oxygen mountain bike boasts giant 29" wheels, making it suitable for significantly more challenging terrain and unmaintained bike trails, where it will playfully overcome any obstacle in your path. The bike is equipped with high quality Shimano Tourney FD-TY300 rear and front derailleur, which together give you reliable support on climbs. Thanks to the Shimano ST-EF4I derailleur, you have 21 gears at your disposal in every situation, so you can tackle even very steep gradients and hills. The highly durable 19" Hi-Ten frame can handle much heavier loads, and the GD-9355DS suspension fork will easily dampen even the hardest impacts, so the bike will serve you well even in the toughest conditions. The perfectly matched Mitas Ocelot V85 universal tread tyres are suitable for both rough terrain and asphalt riding, so you can really take this bike anywhere without any limitations. Excellent workmanship and rideability, balanced construction, light weight and a high load capacity of up to 110 kg make this mountain bike the perfect partner for both short and full day rides. The Capriolo Oxygen mountain bike is suitable for more challenging terrain and less maintained trails Front and rear derailleur Shimano Tourney FD-TY300 will give you the support you need on climbs Thanks to the Shimano ST-EF4I, you have 21 gears at your disposal in every situation Disc brakes made from a patented magnesium-aluminium alloy guarantee reliable performance on every ride The highly durable 19" Hi-Ten frame can withstand much heavier loads The bike offers a great load capacity of up to 110 kg thanks to the high-quality stainless steel workmanship, The GD-9355DS suspension fork makes it easy to absorb even the strongest impacts = high reliability The perfectly matched Mitas Ocelot V85 tyres are suitable for rough terrain and asphalt


Veľkosť rámu 29" x 19"

Vidlica GD-9355DS 29", SUSPENSION FORK

Hlavové zloženie FP-H863, 9 PCS

Stredové zloženie THUN 122.5 MM

Prehadzovačka predná SHIMANO FD-TY300

Prehadzovačka zadná SHIMANO FD-TY300

Reťaz KMC Z-7, 7 SPEED


Ráfiky KRYPTON X, 28X15 36H, ALLOY DW



Pedále FP-818, PP BODY


Hmotnosť 19,5 kg

Nosnosť 110 kg

Veľkosť kolies 29

Veľkosť rámu 19

Prevodov 21

Výška postavy 178 - 185 cm


Size chart

The sizes shown are our recommendations. These are approximate values as Specialized, CTM and GHOST each have specific frame geometries. The size of the bike's wheels also matters, so if in doubt about which size to choose, feel free to use our online chat or contact us on our helpline +421 947 974 140 .

Kids Bikes

wheel age height
12 2-4y to 110 cm
16 4-5y 110- 120 cm
20 5-8y 120-135 cm
24 8-11y 135-145 cm

for Adults: wheel sizes 26, 28, 27,5 a 29

size height
XXS to 155 cm
XS to 163 cm
S to 170 cm
M to 178 cm
L to 185 cm
XL to 193 cm
XXL above 193 cm
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